The FAA requires that all pilots be able to speak, read, write and understand the English language (PDF). At Sunrise Aviation, international students are assessed during both the admissions and the enrollment process; those who do not meet the ICAO Operational Level 4 (PDF) will be able to take Aviation English classes on campus. Students will learn Aviation vocabulary, ATC phraseology and plain English in order to communicate effectively during standard and non-standard situations in order to meet the FAA language requirements. All Aviation English classes are taught by qualified and experienced instructors.  Even those students whose English ability is good may want to use some of the additional resources Sunrise Aviation can offer.

It is essential that pilots who want to be professional aviators including airline pilots have strong aviation English skills.  Accelerated pilot training relies heavily on the ability of the students to understand the terminology from the beginning of the pilot training.  Sunrise Aviation provides a variety of methods to learn aviation English, ranging from group discussions, one on one sessions, and computer based training.

The Ormond Beach Municipal Airport with its Class D controlled airspace, Daytona Beach Airport’s overlying and nearby Class C airspace, and the many nearby Class D airports all provide an excellent “laboratory” in which to practice your new aviation English skill.

Prior to arriving at Ormond Beach, students may want to listen on some of the local ATC frequencies and test your own ability to understand the conversations between the pilots and controllers.