7Dec, 2018

Raveena Singh – India

'Great school, experienced instructors and a really helpful and positive atmosphere that keeps you focused on your training. The school and instructors go out of their way to complete the course in a timely manner.'

7Dec, 2018

Ishan Bhandari – India

'Great school with helpful staff. If anyone wants to complete cpl training quickly and efficiently I wound say go ahead and do it with these guys.'

7Dec, 2018

Sanika Doshi – India

great experience, friendly staff and amazing instructors

7Dec, 2018

Shrey Chopra – India

Had completed my CPL course here at Sunrise. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get high quality flight training quickly and efficiently. Great instructors who make sure you’re capable of being one of the best out there along with a great fleet at a great airport. Happy to be a part of the sunrise family.

13Dec, 2017

Prajakta Karpe – India

  My name is Prajakta Karpe. I completed my flight training from Sunrise Aviation in Ormond Beach, Florida in less than 6 months, i.e zero flight time to a Commercial Pilot (single engine and multi engine). When I look back at my flight training at Sunrise Aviation a smile appears on my face. Living in the Florida, USA and flying [...]

13Nov, 2017

Mohammed-Shamsuddin Sardar Yar Khan – India

Khan originally completed his CPL at Sunrise during 2007-2008. He recently returned to do his annual recurrency. Sunrise was able to arrange for me to renew my medical exam on the same day as my arrival. I did my recurrency in just 3 days. Everything was well organized. The instructors were friendly and I had a good time flying with [...]