25May, 2021

Akshay Rao – India

As I was doing my research on flight schools in the USA to supplement my training and the PPL that I had completed in Canada, Sunrise stood out in many ways. They were the only school that took an active interest in me right from the very first phone call (which was answered by a real person as opposed to [...]

25May, 2021

Prasad Bhange – India

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Florida. I’d definitely recommend Sunrise here in India. Prasad now flies the HawkerXP as a co-pilot for a charter company in Mumbai and has over 1300 flight hours. Prasad Bhange India

22May, 2021

Akshay Stephen – India

I invested a lot of time researching for the best schools to do my flight training in the US and found so many schools online. The confusion and frustration levels kept building up because of the fact that all the schools displayed the same level of competence (so they said). Then I learnt about Sunrise aviation from a friend and [...]

9May, 2021

N.Ragupathy – India

I joined the school in October 2010 to pursue the pro pilot training program just with the goal to become a safe and best pilot. I was 17 years old when I joined and had another 5 more months to go before I turned 18. I thought it would take a minimum of a year to complete the course. But, [...]

9May, 2021

Roberto T. Lamastus – Panama

I was one of the first students back in 1998. I remember Jeff’s statement of “training a 250 hour pilot with the knowledge and skills of a pilot with 2500 hours”. With that in mind and the training regime we had; when I returned home (Panama), job interviews and simulator assestments were a breeze! Jeff always pushed us to excell!! [...]

9Jan, 2020

Ishan Bhandari – India

"I always saw my father working hard.  Since I was born all I saw was him working hard for where he is now.  He motivated me and inspired me to start my journey.  Right after school I wanted to get into aviation. These big machines make me go crazy.  What is better than turning your passion into your job and getting [...]