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13Dec, 2017

Prajakta Karpe – India

  My name is Prajakta Karpe. I completed my flight training from Sunrise Aviation in Ormond Beach, Florida in less than 6 months, i.e zero flight time to a Commercial Pilot (single engine and multi engine). When I look back at my flight training at Sunrise Aviation a smile appears on my face. Living in the Florida, USA and flying [...]

13Nov, 2017

Mohammed-Shamsuddin Sardar Yar Khan – India

Khan originally completed his CPL at Sunrise during 2007-2008. He recently returned to do his annual recurrency. Sunrise was able to arrange for me to renew my medical exam on the same day as my arrival. I did my recurrency in just 3 days. Everything was well organized. The instructors were friendly and I had a good time flying with [...]

13Nov, 2017

Laureano Roca – Captain at Binter Airlines in the Canary Islands

My name is Laureano Roca and I am a commander of ATR 72-500 in the company Binter Canarias (Spain) I write these words in order to relate my flight experience at the Ormond Municipal Airport and with the hope that they can guide other pilots. Arrive at this flight school, already as a commercial pilot, with the intention of accumulating [...]

27Oct, 2017

Sergun Ozmen – Turkey

I graduated in 2007 from Sunrise Aviation. Soon after my graduation, I was hired by Sunexpress Airlines in Turkey as a First Officer in 2008 in the B737. I then upgraded as Captain in the B737 in 2012 at Sunexpress Airlines.  I also established a company called BNS AVIATION  in 2013 and initiated a project called ATMACA “air traffic management [...]

24May, 2017

Darpan Raghuvanshi – India

Thanks to Sunrise Aviation for seamless training, perfectly suitable and comfortable environment specially for International students like me being from India, I thought I would have difficulty adjusting to the language, culture and training however it was absolutely fun and joyful completing the training in just 7 Months. Thanks to that over 30 years of training experience that Sunrise Aviation [...]

22Aug, 2016

Aziz Algerban – Saudi Arabia

I do want to thank Sunrise academy for making my dreams come true. No where else could have done it as fast, efficient, and cost-effective as Sunrise did Thanks a million Aziz Algerban 737-700/800 FO Saudi Aramco