Pilot School

When you have made the exciting decision to become a pilot the first step is to choose a reputable pilot school. It is essential that you opt for a program that provides you with everything you need to prepare you for getting your pilot’s license. Whether you want to become a commercial pilot and fly for a living or want to achieve your private license to fly for pleasure, you need a high quality program you can trust to give you the top-notch instruction you deserve.

Choose a Program

There are various pilot school programs to pick from so it is best to compare them to determine which best fits your needs. The program should have some important features. For instance, it should prepare the student for certification. The exact program requirements will differ depending on the type of license you want to achieve.

Programs are all-inclusive and provide you with the exact sessions you need to attain a certificate or license. The private pilot program includes 105 total hours in a mix of classroom, simulator and in-flight training. Those who already have a private pilot’s license may need to take an instrument rating program. The program includes 110 hours that allows a pilot to learn some of the more complex advanced procedures.

Commercial programs and other courses are also available. If you are interested in signing up for pilot school you may want to speak with an experienced counselor to help determine the exact program that will best fit your needs. We are here to assist you in choosing the best package to help reach your goals.


The enrollment and admissions processes are not difficult. Students must complete and submit an application along with an application fee. International students must first be accepted into a study program before they can apply for an M-1 visa. The visa applicant must attend an interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate. Additionally, non U.S. citizens must register with the Transportation Security Administration, which can be completed online.

Student Housing

There are several housing options available for students in pilot school. Our most popular option includes a fully furnished apartment at Integra Shores in Daytona Beach. Units have full kitchens and include Wi-Fi connections, HD TVs and access to community amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness center and clubhouse. It is conveniently located near beaches and golf courses.

A daily shuttle is provided between student housing locations and our campus. There are also local transportation services for weekly shopping as well as for medical examinations. Other housing options are also available if a student prefers. Condos, apartments and private homes are available for rental in the local area.

When you are ready to take the first step towards becoming a pilot, look to Sunrise Aviation for your training. We offer comprehensive training programs including stand-alone course packages. Sunrise Aviation has course offerings in coordination with local colleges to provide college degree programs and fast track training options. We offer three convenient Florida locations including Ormond Beach, Lakeland and Jacksonville. Contact Sunrise Aviation to start your training program today.

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