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13Mar, 2018

Indian demand for new aircraft forecasted at 1,750 over 20 years

20-year growth almost twice as fast as the world average Largest footprint in India of any international aircraft manufacturer Every Airbus commercial aircraft is partly ‘Made in India’ India will require 1,750 new passenger and cargo aircraft over the next 20 years to meet an exponential rise in both passenger and freight traffic, according to Airbus’ latest India Market Forecast. [...]

8Mar, 2018

First Launch At Jacksonville’s Cecil Spaceport Could Come Before Year’s End

On the heels of the successful SpaceX launch last week, Jacksonville’s Cecil Spaceport is planning its own commercial flights. A launch with a satellite payload from Cecil is expected later this year or in early 2019. It was an amazing sight to behold as SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s Rocket Heavy SpaceX test flight perfectly launched off a pad at Cape Canaveral. Once in [...]

9Feb, 2018

Piper Receives Largest Trainer Order in Company History

Piper Aircraft received an order for 152 training aircraft from Fanmei Aviation Technologies, the manufacturer’s dealer in China, making the deal the largest single order for training airplanes in the company’s history. Fanmei Aviation Technologies is a subsidiary of Sichuan Fanmei Education Group Co., a leading provider of aviation education in China. The seven-year purchase agreement is valued at $74 [...]

8Feb, 2018

ATR Sees Further Growth Potential in Asia Pacific

ATR, the world’s leading manufacturer of turboprop aircraft, sees that there is huge growth potential for the company in the Asia Pacific region. The manufacturer anticipates a demand for some 750 turboprops within the next two decades in the region (excluding China). On the occasion of the Singapore Airshow, a contract signing ceremony will be held at the ATR stand [...]

8Feb, 2018

Bombardier Foresees 2,050 new aircraft for Asia-Pacific by 2036

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft’s 2017-2036 Market Forecast, covering the 60- to 150-seat segment, shows that the Asia-Pacific region, which Bombardier defines as Asia without Greater China, is forecasted to undergo impressive growth over the next 20 years. This region is expected to take delivery of 2,050 aircraft, or 16 per cent of a worldwide market for 12,550 aircraft valued at $820 [...]

31Jan, 2018

Aerospace Alumnus Learned More Than Flying Planes

Aaron Poidevin remembers the first time he thought he wanted to be a pilot. He was at MacDill’s Airfest. He was 8. “I was a kid watching airplanes doing tricks in the sky – of course I wanted to do something like that,” Poidevin said. “But I didn’t know it was possible.” Today, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace [...]