I joined the school in October 2010 to pursue the pro pilot training program just with the goal to become a safe and best pilot. I was 17 years old when I joined and had another 5 more months to go before I turned 18. I thought it would take a minimum of a year to complete the course. But, I was shocked and couldn’t believe myself when I had my commercial license in my hand in the week after of my 18th birthday. This was only possible by training with the experienced instructors at Sunrise Aviation with their aim to teach us the best and teach us everything they know. By the end of course, I went home to India happily with 250 hours of flight time, the CPL multi, and a good knowledge of aviation.

A few months ago, thought about doing some time building and I just came back to Sunrise right away without even contacting other schools. I came back to build another 250 hours to get to a total time of 500 hours. I achieved this in just three months. They have good number of aircraft which allowed me to fly 6-7 hours per day easily. The dispatch people are very friendly with smiling faces every time and they helped me in many ways . And the owner of the school is also very helpful. He reviews each student’s progress every day and makes the best decision for them.

I strongly recommend Sunrise Aviation to everyone who has an ambition to become a pilot because they have the best training for you to excel in your career.