“William K. Walker, I would like to thank you and your team for taking care of me during the last two weeks at Ormond. I appreciate that you accepted me in your school for the finish up of my IR training while you run a busy business with many full time students.

My overall experience in Sunrise Aviation has been very positive, your team at Sunrise Ormond has been helpful and always willing to support me in any request I had.  I would also like to comment on the excellent training given by my IR instructor, Shady.  I have had few instructors during my IR training (before joining Sunrise) and without any doubt, I have to say that Shady is the best by far.  His flying skills as well as his methodical process of teaching prepared me to pass the test.  I would expect him to be a gold star instructor soon and I will refer him without hesitation to any student.

Again, thanks for the support throughout my IR rating and I hope to see you soon for my Commercial training.