Flying Academy

How To Choose The Best Flying Academy

Just like students go to university, people who want to become pilots need to go to a flying academy so they can know how to fly an aircraft. The various types of license training programs for pilots include multi engine pilot programs, private pilot programs, instrument rating programs, airline transport pilot programs, commercial pilot programs, frozen airline transport programs, flight instructor programs. Choosing a pilot training school to attend is sometimes one of the most difficult tasks for someone who wants to begin a career as a pilot.

Choosing the best flying academy is just like choosing the best university to get a specific degree. Be careful when choosing an academy because some academies usually take advantage of their printed clause when admitting new candidates. What this means is that some academies will offer a lot of pilot training packages and attach to it some predetermined course necessities and line them as charge such as uniforms, supplies, flight fuel, flight hours, simulator hours, in class training fee, etc. so it is advisable to go through their terms and conditions and all printed clauses before making your final choice.

Tips for Choosing the Best Flying Academy

Below are some red flags you should pay close attention to when choosing a pilot school:

    Jet/ Airplane Availability: You best choice of pilot school should be a school that has a lot of up to date airplanes for flight training. If a flying school has fewer aircrafts, outdated aircraft or equipment, or their airplanes are always grounded for maintenance, you should consider another flight academy. Practicing to fly with airplanes that are outdated isn’t the ultimate route to embark on when pursuing your pilot license. Learning with these outdated aircraft will greatly affect your flying capabilities on newer airplanes when you go out to face the real world with your license. In addition, attending a flight academy that doesn’t have many airplanes to satisfy the course work needs of their students only results to one thing, it will prolong the time it will take to get your license. It will also cost you more cash for exceeding your estimated time frame on their pilot program.
    Flight Instructor Availability: If you can’t lay hold of your flight instructor to fix times of flight training, then you will have a lot of costly delays rounding up your flight academy classes. If you cannot get in touch with any flight instructors before enrollment, you might have the same issues after enrolling.
    Full Up Front Payment Required: You have to careful with any flight academy that wants full payment in advance. This doesn’t imply that any flight academy that wants full payments is a scam. It means you have to carry out a little more research on the flight academy.

 Go and take a tour of the facilities of the flying academy and check out their aircraft, operations, equipment, flight instructors, and also communicate with some of their students to ensure you are making the right choice. Finding what seems to a genuine flying academy that offers a lot of pilot training courses, certified flight instructors, updated aircraft training equipment is just half way the battle. Carrying out your personal research to ensure you are not taken for a ride is the most difficult and time-consuming part of choosing the best flight school.


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