Florida Flight Schools

When you have made the decision to become a pilot, the first step is finding a training program that best suits your needs. A location in a warm place with temperatures that offer year-round training is ideal. For this reason, Florida flight schools are likely a good fit. You’ll need to begin to look at program offerings to see which school offers the areas of education that you are most interested in learning.

Many Program Options

There are many program options depending on your specific goals. You may choose between programs that provide you with a private pilot license or a commercial pilot license. A commercial license allows you to make a career flying for airlines and other entities. You can also get training for instrument rating and for commercial pilot multi-engine rating. These programs take you from the most basic courses through the most advanced depending on your specific needs.

Our experienced counselors work with you to help determine your needs. We’ll help put together the programs that are designed to meet the requirements you have in order to reach your goals. If simply need to supplement your current skills we have courses available to do just that. We’ll help you take your piloting skills to the next level so you can achieve the success you want.

Finding a School that Fits Your Needs

It is certainly true that not all schools are the same. While most offer basic pilot training, some don’t have all the available programs to meet your needs. Sunrise Aviation is among the best of all Florida flight schools. We offer a complete variety of pilot license programs that are available through our school as well as in conjunction with two colleges.

Sunrise Aviation operates one of our Florida flight schools in conjunction with Florida State College at Jacksonville as well as with Polk State College. College credits are offered for courses taken that meet the requirements for degree programs through the colleges. An associate or bachelor degree is available in Aerospace Administration or Professional Pilot. We work closely with these schools to ensure that our programs are included in the course offerings.

Admission to Our Program

Admission to our programs begins with an application. The application may be submitted online, by mail or in person and must include a non-refundable processing fee. Our admission counselors are ready to answer your questions and assist you in choosing a pilot training program. We will also assist with student accommodations if needed. Fully furnished apartments are available for students at Integra Shores in Daytona Beach. We provide daily shuttle service to our facility. Other accommodations are also available.

We are experienced at providing high quality pilot training for international students. Those students from countries outside the United States must obtain the proper visa before entering the country. Our counselors will work with you to provide you with the documentation necessary to apply for a visa at the U.S. consulate in your country. Contact Sunrise Aviation to start the enrollment process today.

Florida Flight Schools

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