Flight School

If you’ve dreamed of flying as a career the first thing you must do is begin a study course at flight school. Commercial pilots are in high demand and your pilot training will give you the skills you need to find a great job in your preferred field. Sunrise Aviation offers a complete selection of courses that are perfect for getting you into the job of your dreams.

Professional Pilot Program

Our professional pilot program includes every course necessary to prepare you for obtaining your pilot’s license. The main focus is on the development of the skills, knowledge and abilities you will need to be a successful commercial pilot. The course is an intensive, full-time program that is ideal for the beginner as well as for those who already have some flying experience.

The professional flight school program takes you through the full courses necessary including private pilot certification, instrument rating, commercial pilot certification and multi-engine rating. We also offer optional flight instructor ratings as well. Successful completion of the program will allow you to enter the aviation field as a pilot for international or domestic air carriers and lets you transition into a career with an airlines.

Unique Partnerships

Our flight school partners with two of the most important aviation companies in the world to bring you opportunities that go beyond the classroom. We partner with ExpressJet to bring you a program that offers placement with the world’s largest regional airline after graduation. Applicants must be accepted into the program where you will be guaranteed an interview or position after you graduate.

We also partner with AeroStar Training Services, LL, a career development provider for future commercial pilots. The training center offers a wide array of certification programs that provide opportunities to get ratings on some of the most common commercial planes in the world.

What Our Program Provides

Our private pilot program is an intensive comprehensive course that includes ground school theory courses, private pilot license, Cessna dual and solo hours and briefings in instrument and commercial multi-engine rating programs. You receive individual attention as you progress through the many areas of expertise. We have been providing these programs for many years, honing them to include the specific knowledge necessary to become a safe commercial pilot.

If you have specific requirements we will work with you to develop a flight school program that is individualized to meet your needs. We will help you achieve your aviation goals, regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or have many hours of flying time behind you. Our experienced advisement counselors assist you in developing a course plan around your needs so you will get the most from the programs we offer.

At Sunrise Aviation we offer the most complete selection of courses in the area. We have three convenient locations and a fleet of aircraft that are perfect for every possible requirement. We provide high quality training in a safe environment that prepares you for your commercial piloting career. Contact Sunrise Aviation today to enroll.

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