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Fleet Electrical Training

Fleet Electrical Training Guide

If you are still frustrated by the troubles you encounter with your truck or auto, you don’t need to prolong your agony. Veejer Enterprise Inc. provides a more enhanced strategic learning curricular training for technicians, teachers, or fleet managers in just lesser time.

We are membered with experts and well-versed coaches who provide assistance and training guidance for every hands-on phase of the training. With our long term training experience and operation in this industry, we have already molded solid ground for stabling success and commits to ensuring accurate learning and skills enhancement for each of our students.

The Services We Deliver

From materials to actual drills, we spontaneously provide friendly but useful approaches in implementing the program.

Since we offer practical interactive training, students are given the opportunity to encounter the first-hand experience in dealing with technicalities of troubleshooting and repair. Because of this, they can also immediately apply the principles and theories given and learned during the first phase of the curriculum.

We provide training services such as automotive repair, types of electrical parts, and OEM type; and the fleet and technician electrical practice. With the main use of DMM as well as the current clamp equipment, you can quickly determine and test the troubled electronic and electrical circuits of your vehicle either trucks or cars.

Aside from that, we also offer shortcut types of troubleshooting which also comes in the written training material. The manual is divided into seven phases or sections which are the following: essential principles, how-to process, circuit workflow, techniques for troubleshooting and battery testing, cranking and charging circuits, and circuit diagram reading.

Home Study Option

This service includes a hands-on training material that you can read, learn, and study at the convenience of your own home. The fleet electrical training manuscript indicates procedures and practical tips on how to operate and manage live circuit troubleshooting for auto or truck electrical or/and electronic car systems.

The first material is known as the Starter Kit which provides a simple YouTube video and the student workbook for a detailed instructional guide regarding circuit board troubleshooting. Another material involves DC motor vehicle repair that elaborates certain techniques and operation stages. Other manuals for training include the relay manual, wire harnessing procedure, CAN bus troubleshoot trainer, and node problems for voltage and ground type circuits.

Fleet Electrical Training

The fleet training also includes Phase 1 curriculum, shortcuts, and starter kit. You can take advantage of the free study or training guide upon your registration. You can definitely benefit from our low-cost training cost which is bombarded with training materials and hand-outs for your home reading and personal guide that you can also use in your own shop. We have a wide range of training tools and space for your practical skills enhancement and demo repairs.

Contact Information

Never miss this amazing opportunity, contact us for more details and specifications through the Veejer Enterprise Inc. official website at and fill out our online registration/comment form. You may also call us through these phone numbers: 972-276-9642 or 972-276-8122 for other queries or concerns.

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