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Why Choose P G Montessori Early Learning Centres in Prince George:

Are you looking for an exceptional school for your child’s early education? There are various advantages and favorable circumstances of choosing the Montessori technique for learning. In case you’re not acquainted with Montessori or are simply finding out about its advantages, our website is a great resource to learn about its benefits. At Prince George Montessori Education Society, we are proud to integrate Montessori learning into everything we do to further your child’s education. Our entire day and half day programs are intended for youngsters ages 2 1/2 – 5 and we offer out-of-school and summer programs up to age 12. We are also an accredited elementary and high school environment, in fact, we follow the BC curriculum established by the Ministry of Education.

We highly recommend the Montessori technique for early learning for numerous reasons, in fact, we find it’s the most powerful way to encourage natural curiosity. Montessori learning has demonstrated that once the interest can be locked in, a child will develop a deep love for the learning environment. Consider only a couple of the formative advantages of Montessori for your child when considering early learning centres in Prince George:

We have found that Montessori concentrates its consideration on the key formative phases of youth learning. Children younger than 5 can significantly profit by strategies for sharpening large muscle developments and growing early dialect aptitudes. Youngsters ages 3 and 4 can start dealing with fine motor abilities, which paves the way for many new skills to develop.

Montessori teachers do not instruct in a conventional way, rather children work together cooperatively to investigate and explore their learning environment in an all the more agreeable way that has a tendency to ingrain a more noteworthy feeling of community.

All Montessori learning is centered around the child, intended to meet the more profound needs of young students. As understudies are not disheartened to learn together with other age groups, they grow up believing that its common to do as such with very few limitations. This enables younger students to gain from more seasoned ones. Tutoring happens normally and can become a great sense of pride as a student grows in their skill.

Montessori is an educational module that is centered principally around hands-on learning, and as such, is one that is genuinely loved by children of all ages. Our school is considered one of the best early learning centres in Prince George as we are able to accommodate for elementary and high school alternative classroom learning as well as for pre-school ages. Let our website be your single resource for learning more about the Montessori method and why it is the absolute best learning environment for your child. Give our staff a call with any questions you have or connect with us over our website. While online, visit our ‘Parent Information’ section where you’ll find a rundown of the Montessori philosophy, program elements, materials we use and additional information that will help you determine whether our school is right for your child.

early learning centres Prince George

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early learning centres Prince George

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