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When shopping for avionics upgrade packages, you will notice that there are seemingly endless options to choose from. Avionics Maintenance Today would like to help you sort through the disinformation and find avionics upgrade packages that are worthy of your time and consideration. To help our readers discern which products are great and which ones aren’t, Avionics Maintenance Today recommends that you ask yourself five questions before purchasing an avionics upgrade package as follows:

Question 1: Are the Avionics Upgrade Packages You’re Considering Unreasonably Expensive?

If so, can you find any other reputed brand name products with the same features as the package you’re thinking about buying? Truthfully, there are many low-cost avionics upgrade packages on the market today that offer a wide range of useful instruments to enhance cockpit functionality and flight awareness. A little ingenuity can go a long way regarding saving you money on your cockpit upgrades.

For example, purchasing a used audio panel and shopping around for sales on particular products can save you big. Piece together your avionics panel, move some things around, and get creative. You can easily save yourself thousands (if not tens of thousands) and still end up with an excellent upgrade package.

Question 2: Is the Upgrade Package You’re Considering Easy to Install?

Will you be able to install your upgrade package yourself easily, or will you have to pay a professional to fix it for you? Further, how long will the installation of your upgrade package take? Also, how much modification will your avionics panel require for proper installation?

Question 3: Does Your New Product Integrate Smoothly into Your Cockpit?

All modern avionics upgrade packages should have the ability to integrate seamlessly into your cockpit. Therefore, search for an upgrade package that works well with whatever avionics are already in your panel.

Question 4: Is it 2020 Compliant?

If you’re already in compliance with the ADS-B Out mandate, this question doesn’t pertain to you. However, 2020 is fast approaching. If you still aren’t ADS-B Out compliant, make sure your upgrade package gets you there. There are many affordable ADS-B Out hardware solutions on the market.

Question 5: How Much Will Your Upgrade Enhance Your Flying Experience?

Modern avionics upgrade packages can deliver a stunning array of standard and customizable features that will help create a better and safer flying experience. Why not select an upgrade package that increases flight awareness significantly? Excellent avionics upgrade packages allow you to choose synthetic vision, terrain awareness, navigation tapes, full-color tapes, an angle of attack indicator, and more.

Avionics Maintenance Today recommends enhancing your panel’s capabilities by installing expanding multi-function display in your cockpit. Ask yourself these five questions before purchasing your avionics upgrade package, and you’ll save some serious cash and headache. Another thing to consider does the product’s manufacture offer installation support? Be careful shopping online.  Though shopping online might be convenient, many avionics upgrade packages on the Internet lack quality and customization. 

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