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If you dream of soaring above the clouds in a private or commercial airplane, aviation school is the place to be. Pilot training provides you with the skills and resources to prepare for a career in the aviation industry as a pilot or in any number of other jobs. Taking the first step towards fulfilling your lifelong vision begins when you register for a pilot training program at Sunrise Aviation. At Sunrise we offer a variety of program options to meet the needs of every aspiring pilot.

College Degree Programs

Some students want to combine pilot training with other coursework to obtain a college degree. Our aviation school works with two Florida colleges to include our training in degree programs. We partner with Florida State College at Jacksonville and Polk State College to offer students the ability to earn an Associate’s degree or Bachelor of Science degree.

These programs add more flexibility to a student’s training and broadens their ability to work in a wide range of aeronautical positions. Students may choose from one of two concentrations including Aerospace Administration or Professional Pilot. Our satellite facility is located at Florida State College at Jacksonville. Students may also choose to pursue a degree by transferring to another institution including the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

International Programs

With more than 30 years of experience training pilots we have successfully assisted students from more than 50 countries around the world. We have programs that are specifically designed for international commercial airline pilots and others. The professional pilot program is a comprehensive full-time study program that offers training for beginning pilots as well as those who already have some flying background. We partner with international and domestic air carriers that offer our graduates many opportunities to begin working immediately as a professional pilot.

Our aviation school offers specific options for those from some countries including South Korea, India, Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia and South America. Each program addresses the specific requirements and needs associated with that particular country. For students whose native language is not English, we offer courses in Aviation English. These courses provide students with the important English skills that are a requirement of all FAA pilots.

Services and Features

Sunrise Aviation has three facilities in Florida including Ormond Beach and satellite locations at Jacksonville and Lakeland. We offer a variety of student housing choices such as furnished apartments at the Integra Shores community in Daytona Beach. The area is near to golf course, beaches and shopping. We provide shuttle service to and from our facility as well as to weekly shopping and to obtain a medical exam for your license. Prospective students may apply online, by mail or in person. International students may need to apply for an M-1 visa before attending. This type of visa can often be obtained through the U.S. consulate upon providing proof of acceptance to the program. International students should speak with one of our counselors before submitting an application. If you are ready to start your new career path, contact Sunrise Aviation to enroll.

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