I invested a lot of time researching for the best schools to do my flight training in the US and found so many schools online. The confusion and frustration levels kept building up because of the fact that all the schools displayed the same level of competence (so they said). Then I learnt about Sunrise aviation from a friend and spoke to the school. The process and professionalism with which I was explained my flight course was the first thing that attracted me to Sunrise!! 30 days later, bags packed, I was picked up and then soon after off on my first flight with an instructor!!! I was so pleased at the dedication of the staff to get the students going as soon as possible. All the staff at Sunrise Aviation are very professional and have a lot of experience. I was pleased that I choose Sunrise!!!

The owner of Sunrise Aviation is devoted to Safety but “fly fly fly” is his motto. He wants all his students to do well in life and become good pilots; he helps shape an individual’s skills. The owner is the “fix-it man” at sunrise. His experience and knowledge levels help run the school with efficiency and attention to ALL STUDENTS!

Here are some comments about the other employees at Sunrise Aviation:

One of the most knowledgeable individuals I have met, always ready to help out and assist when in need!

They are so helpful and will help you to the extent they can! Very pleasant and friendly!! They keep the school lively!

All the instructors at Sunrise are brilliant!!

Akshay Stephen

Akshay recently finished his PPL at Sunrise Aviation.
He is now working on his instrument rating and will complete the CPL multi before returning to India.