As I was doing my research on flight schools in the USA to supplement my training and the PPL that I had completed in Canada, Sunrise stood out in many ways. They were the only school that took an active interest in me right from the very first phone call (which was answered by a real person as opposed to an automated voice recording). Since I had prior flight time and experience, I was looking for a custom program rather than the usual zero to 250 hrs CPL that was offered everywhere. The staff at Sunrise over the course of many informative phone calls and emails offered me different program options based on my needs and preferences that not only appealed to me from a training point of view but also in terms of pricing. Even when I had to change my program midway through based on my requirements in terms of the Canadian Job market, the school tailored another program option just to make sure my needs were met without costing me unnecessary dollars in re-training or on hours that were of no use to me.

Sunrise is like a big family where everyone is very helpful and supportive. I can only look back on my time there positively. The instructors and staff, right from the owner to those that work on the ramp, are always approachable and there to answer your questions and take care of any issues that you might have. As long as you put in the required effort, everything else falls in place at the School. The weather is great almost year-round and even the few days when flights are delayed because of the weather, there is always some studying that can be accomplished or other students willing to recount their experiences creating a very positive learning environment for everyone. The fleet is well maintained and there’s always a plane available to fly, something that not every school can offer. Flying is amazing and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it and every flight offers its own challenges, but my experience at Sunrise Aviation has been absolutely brilliant! There have been times when the flying has been tough and exams have had to be dealt with or the material was a little too much to handle, but I’ve always found the support and encouragement of those around me and I’ve come through it without ever feeling lost or incapable in any way. I’ve also made many good friends who I’ve attempted to stay in touch with beyond our time at the school. Choosing the right school is often the most important factor when it comes to getting your flight training done and I am very proud and satisfied to have chosen Sunrise Aviation. I got my flying hours and licenses done on time and even within the price estimate that was given to me, much to my own surprise. I would recommend anyone contemplating choosing this school to do so without much hesitation. As long as your goals are to try your best, get your flying done, meet your country’s licensing requirements and be a successful and capable pilot, Sunrise will ensure that you have the training and resources to succeed.

Akshay came to Sunrise Aviation early in 2011 after completing his PPL in Canada. He returned to Canada at the end of April 2011 to work as a pilot after completing his IR and CPL single-engine.