Some Of The Numerous Activities In Medellin, Colombia That Attract Visitors

This is one of the fastest growing cities in South America. One of its innovative ideas is the use of gondolas all over the city. This has reduced the number of hours spent on the road. It also has a few world-class educational institutions. Medellin has highly efficient Metrocable cars. With the level of innovation witnessed in the city, it is obvious that many more innovative inventions are still in the offing.

One of the most attractive activities in Medellin Colombia is riding the gondolas. Although it is a normal thing among the residents of Medellin, visitors usually find it very strange, interesting and exciting. Other interesting activities in Medellin, Colombia are sightseeing and riding the Metrocable cars.

Here are some of the activities in Medellin Colombia you can enjoy:

Enjoy some water activities

You can enjoy some water activities like kayaking, rafting and paragliding. Some organizations in Medellin provide these services at reasonable cost. Even if you are a novice in all the water activities, it does not stop you from having fun. You won’t be left alone. There are dedicated and friendly guides that will be by your side.

Apart from that, before going for any of the activities in Medellin, Colombia, you will be given some kayaking, rafting and paragliding lessons depending on which one interests you. You will also be instructed on some safety tips. The fun and thrills of these water activities do not end. Guests can choose either any of the day trips or night trips. Your safety and security are guaranteed.

Visit Plaza Botero

You can visit Plaza Botero to see sculptures, paintings and other forms of arts in their best form. They are the works of the famous sculptor, Fernando Botero Angulo. The place is located in the central part of Medellin. Some of his works really showcase human ingenuity and creativity.

Some of the sculptures look like something conjured into existence by some Arabian Genie. It does not matter whether you are on a budget trip or not since entrance is totally free and you can stay to check out as many artworks as you want. You will also see some great works of some other Latin American artists. The biggest center of attraction in Plaza Botero is the Museo de Antioquia. Make sure you check it out.

Enjoy Parque Lleras Nightlife

If you enjoy nightlife, being in Medellin should not prevent you from your regular night fun. A lot of the indigenes of Medellin also enjoy nightlife. You can explore Parque Lleras nightlife any night. In fact, the location is more active in the night than in the day. You can enjoy some refreshing local drinks in some small salsa bars and also try a few salsa steps. You can even go into mainstream clubs for more enjoyment.

You will see a nice mix of locals and foreigners like you. You will enjoy a series of nice music and you will also find out why dancing is contagious. Most callers initially don’t plan to dance but they just find themselves shaking their legs, nodding their head and even swaying forward and backward to the rhythms.

It is worthy of note that there are many more activities in Medellin, Colombia, the ones mentioned above were just selected randomly.