“I always saw my father working hard.  Since I was born all I saw was him working hard for where he is now.  He motivated me and inspired me to start my journey.  Right after school I wanted to get into aviation. These big machines make me go crazy.  What is better than turning your passion into your job and getting paid for it?  Everybody at Sunrise Aviation made that possible. What seemed difficult was made easy.  They helped me. Guided me.  The Instructors and Staff at Sunrise Aviation are the ones who deserve the highest amount of credit as they brought out the best in me.

What a lovely place to learn to fly.  Lovely weather and beautiful blue skies.  What a journey it has been till now.  I hope to see more of this in the future.

I would like to say that nothing is impossible and hard work is the key to success.  Be patient and work hard for what you want.  Make it your everyday routine.  As they say practice makes a man perfect.  In no time it’ll be yours.

Nothing is impossible.  Believe in yourself.”