“Please read this review completely before making a choice for your next big dream to be true!

I’ve been hearing about Sunrise Aviation since the time I was 18 years old. As far as I remember, back in the year 2006 the only school that Indians talked about training in the US was in Sunrise aviation, Florida. I used to attend ground classes at Capt. Neal. All his students went to Sunrise and are now flying in big reputed airlines around the world.

Why would you choose sunrise over other schools.

1) it’s cheaper compared to other schools in and around FLORIDA.

2) standards for flying are set really high. (Preparing you to fly for an airline environment)

3) highly professional and disciplined school

4) the school has got a very good reputation for over a decade.

5) Caring & Friendly instructors

6) Very good housing & transport facilities

7) if you want to finish your training soon. This is the school.

8) Good exposure to fly in controlled airspace’s and radio communications.

9) DGCA documents sign off after training (for Indians)


P.S. I am a student of Sunrise and I’ve finished 194 hours in 4 months.


Waste no time in deciding which school you want to Go in U.S. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”