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  • Abdullah Alzahrani of Saudi Arabia

    Abdullah Alzahrani

    Thank you again for training me to become a pilot. Everything you have done at Sunrise Aviation has helped me to reach my goal as I am now hired with Saudi Airlines. I am glad I was able to come see the school again in 2014 and to see its growth since I was there and that many of the same people we...

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  • Mohammed Binaskar of Saudi Arabia

    Mohammed Binaskar

    My flight training experience was really wonderful at Sunrise. A lot of experienced instructors, large number of fleet, an outstanding weather and most importantly, you get to finish your whole training in less than 8 months!. I'll definitely make a visit to the school in the near future!...

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  • Miya Sowmithiri of India

    Miya Sowmithiri

    Sunrise has been the best decision I made with respect to my career. From the immediate response to my initial email - Nate called the same night - to Jacobs magnanimously patient responses to my relentless emails about the documents required by DGCA, Sunrise has shown nothing but professionalism a...

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  • Roberto T.  Lamastus M. of Panama

    Roberto T. Lamastus M.

    I was one of the first students back in 1998. I remember Jeff’s statement of “training a 250 hour pilot with the knowledge and skills of a pilot with 2500 hours”. With that in mind and the training regime we had; when I returned home (Panama), job interviews and simulator assessments were a br...

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