Ormond Beach, Florida - USA

Ormond Beach Municipal Airport (KOMN)

When you train at Sunrise Flight Academy, your home base will be Ormond Beach Municipal Airport. There are many advantages to this airport: the most obvious is the area’s excellent flying weather. Pilot training at SFA typically allows flying 350 days a year. That means you complete your training more quickly than at many other flight schools. Compared to other locations throughout the world, SFA is perfectly located for pilot training. The airport also does not have scheduled airline traffic, so training flights are not delayed because of airline operations. This is a problem at some other airports. For example,nearby Daytona Beach Airport is known for delays because of airport traffic. Delays cost you time and money. Ormond Beach Airport (KOMN) is owned and operated by the City of Ormond Beach, Florida. It is located on 1,128 acres of land, located east of Interstate 95, north of the Tomoka River and west of U.S. Highway 1.

The airport was established in 1943 as a naval aviation training field; it was then deeded to the city in 1959 by the federal government. There are two intersecting runways, 4,004 feet and 3,701 feet, and six fully-lighted taxiways. Approximately 170 aircraft are based at KOMN with approximately 127,000 annual operations (take-offs or landings)..

Ormond Beach Municipal Airport is served by an FAA air traffic control tower. Class D airspace surrounds the airport when the tower is open.

The airport has both VOR and GPS, approaches making it useful for instrument training, as well as VFR training with quick access to nearby VFR practice areas. View Current IFR Arrivals and Departures at Ormond Beach Municipal Airport. (List does not include VFR arrivals and departures) View Current IFR Arrivals and Departures at Ormond Beach Municipal Airport. This list does not include VFR arrivals and departures which would be a much longer list.

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