Private Pilot Flight Training

For about half the cost of a new car you can complete our accelerated Private Pilot training course, learn to fly, get your Private Pilot License and enjoy a lifetime of memorable flying experiences.

Learn at your own, best pace where your learning curve is maximized. With our FAA Approved Accelerated Private Pilot training program, we simply place you in an environment where your own individual capacity to learn is maximized.

Private Pilot License (61) # of Hours
Ground School Theory 35 Hours
Cessna 152 (Dual) PPL 40 Hours
Cessna 152 (Solo) 10 Hours
Pre/Post Briefings 20 Hours
Estimated Flight Training Cost $10,293.00*
Additional Required Items Total Cost
Gleim Computer Based Training (CBT) $130.00
Books & Supplies varies
1 TSA Application Fees $140.00
Fingerprints $100.00
1 FAA First Class Medical Exam $100.00
1 FAA Written Exams $150.00
1 FAA Check Rides $450.00
1 FAA Practical Exam C152 $200.00
1 Administrative Fee $500.00
Aircraft Upgrade Options (whole program) Cost $
C152 to C172 Upgrade $2,095.50
C152 to C172 G1000 Upgrade $3,246.50
Housing Options Cost $
Housing (Double Occupancy) per month $550
Housing (Single Occupancy) per month $775

*additional costs are required to complete the program entirely. See the additional costs tab for details. Additional aircraft options include the Cessna 172 and may include glass cockpit training. Ask us about the costs of these additional options today. Prices are subject to change based on fuel rates increasing or other costs beyond our control.

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