Commercial Pilot Single Engine Flight Training

Get your Commercial Pilot training complete in around two weeks! This course is designed to take a holder of an FAA Private Pilot License who meets the aeronautical experience requirements of FAR 61.129 to an FAA certified Commercial Pilot, single engine airplane in as little as 14 days. A multi-engine rating can also be added to your Commercial Pilot certificate in as little as a week!

The table below gives you an itemized estimation of ALL of the costs involved with this Commercial Pilot training course. Keep in mind that this is an estimate, not a "one size fits all" package deal. Your actual costs will vary, simply because everyone is different and has different learning styles and past experiences.

Prerequisites for This Course (click here)
  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language (14-CFR part 61.123 (b))
  • A minimum of 250 total hours logged before your check-ride.
  • At least a 3rd class FAA medical certificate.
  • Holder of an FAA Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating and meet the FAA's Commercial Pilot aeronautical experience requirements as stated in FAR 61.129.

Commercial Single Engine # of Hours
Ground School Theory 10 Hours
Piper PA28R (Dual) CPL 10 Hours
Pre/Post Briefings 20 Hours
Estimated Flight Training Cost $3,816.30*
Additional Required Items Total Cost
Gleim Computer Based Training (CBT) $130.00
Books & Supplies varies
1 TSA Application Fees $140.00
Fingerprints $100.00
1 FAA First Class Medical Exam $100.00
1 FAA Written Exams $150.00
1 FAA Check Rides $450.00
1 FAA Practical Exam PA28R $300.00
1 Administrative Fee $500.00
Aircraft Upgrade Options (whole program) Cost $
None Available -N/A-
Housing Options Cost $
Housing (Double Occupancy) per month $550
Housing (Single Occupancy) per month $775

*additional costs are required to complete the program entirely. See the additional costs tab for details. Additional aircraft options include the Cessna 172 and may include glass cockpit training. Ask us about the costs of these additional options today. Prices are subject to change based on fuel rates increasing or other costs beyond our control.

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