Airline Pilot Training for Saudi Arabia

The following course is recommended for Sunrise Aviation students from Saudi Arabia. Each course satisfies all of the GACA requirements and meets or exceeds the known minimum requirements of the Saudi Arabian government. The course includes at least 270 total hours in aircraft. In addition, to create a better teaching environment and reduce overall time and cost while increasing pilot skill, the courses include some time in a simulator (FTD). Therefore, total logged time in the course exceeds 290 hours. Each course includes at least 25 hours of multi-engine flight time, therefore meeting or exceeding the minimum Saudi requirement of 25 hours. Our experience is that this slight increase in multi-engine time greatly increases both the pilot’s skill and chance of first-time success on the FAA check-ride (practical test).

We have found that most of our students from Saudi Arabia prefer to live in an apartment with full amenities including swimming pool. Therefore, these packages for Saudi students do not include Sunrise Aviation housing. Sunrise Aviation counsellors will be happy to assist with finding a suitable apartment. For more information on housing options, go here

Most students from Saudi Arabia also secure their own transportation arrangements to include obtaining a Florida Driver's License and possibly purchasing a car. Sunrise Aviation counsellors are happy to help with these arrangements as well.

Private Pilot License (61) # of Hours
Ground School Theory 35 Hours
Cessna 152 (Dual) PPL 40 Hours
Cessna 152 (Solo) 10 Hours
Pre/Post Briefings 20 Hours
Instrument Rating # of Hours
Ground School Theory 30 Hours
Advanced Simulator 20 Hours
Cessna 152 (PIC) 50 Hours
Cessna 152 (Dual) IR 25 Hours
Pre/Post Briefings 20 Hours
Commercial Multi Engine # of Hours
Ground School Theory 10 Hours
Cessna 152 (PIC) 120 Hours
Piper PA44 (Dual) CPL 25 Hours
Pre/Post Briefings 20 Hours
Total Flight Time 290 Hours
Estimated Flight Training Cost $44,786.45*
Additional Required Items Total Cost
Gleim Computer Based Training (CBT) $390.00
Books & Supplies $1,205.00
3 TSA Application Fees $420.00
Fingerprints $100.00
1 FAA First Class Medical Exam $100.00
3 FAA Written Exams $450.00
3 FAA Check Rides $1,350.00
1 FAA Practical Exam PA44 $500.00
1 Administrative Fee $500.00
Aircraft Upgrade Options (whole program) Cost $
C152 to C172 Upgrade $10,267.955
C152 to C172 G1000 Upgrade $15,907.85
Instrument Rating Upgrade Cost $
C152 to C172 Upgrade $2,677.60
Housing Options Cost $
Housing (Double Occupancy) per month $550
Housing (Single Occupancy) per month $775

*additional costs are required to complete the program entirely. See the additional costs tab for details. Additional aircraft options include the Cessna 172 and may include glass cockpit training. Ask us about the costs of these additional options today. Prices are subject to change based on fuel rates increasing or other costs beyond our control.

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